Student expelled on raising voice against Uni flaws in online education

Student expelled from University on raising voice against  flaws in online education

Islamabad, The Capital University of Science and Technology expelled one of its  student for speaking openly out against University on raising voice against Uni flaws in online education  system during the Cove-19.

According to details, shared on social media Usman Mahmood, a university student, had encouraged his classmates on social media platforms to protest against online classes. Whereas  the university’s disciplinary committee found Usman’s action against the university’s principles of discipline, which resulted in the university permanently expelling Usman from the university.

Disciplinary committee convened a meeting on the same issue on May 20. In conclusion  a letter was sent to Usman on June 5 2020 by university informing him that he would be expelled from the university. Soon Usman shared on Twitter on Wednesday to bring the issue in public.

Political peopl also raised concerned, PPP senator and chairman Human Rights Committee Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar highlighted incident and assured Usman that he would share the matter with the HEC. Whereas Khokhar has asked the university’s vice-chancellor to explain his decision to the KU committee as well.

University students protested against the HEC last week, demanding that promotions without exams, suspension of online classes, and cancellation of semester fees be made next semester.

Whereas, the HEC rejected the students’ demand for promotion. In a statement HEC said it was working with all universities to address students’ communication issues in PTA online classes. Student continue to raise issues on social media platform.