How to check overstay fine in UAE

UAE Visa Fine How to check overstay fine in UAE

As the pandemic is still going on, many people are somehow “stuck” in the UAE due to the flights ban until the virus gets in control. And, many of them are those whose visa is about to expire and they still have no way out. So, they keep checking the overstay fine in UAE. And, they search online how to check overstay fine in UAE. UAE Visa Fine, How to check overstay fine in UAE.

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Who are going to pay overstay fine in UAE

Now, before you learn about the UAE overstay fine, let me tell you who will face this fine. Now, let’s suppose the last date of your stay in UAE is the 30th of any month, so you will leave the state on the 29th to avoid the fine of overstay. That’s because the exact date of 30 will be counted in the fined days as an overstay.

So, the departure date must be 29, always at least one day before the given date.
Now, all the visit visa holders and other residents will be counted as overstayed and fined if they have not left the state before the exact date. So, they should check their Emirates I’d fines online. Here is how you can check the crimes online.

How to check overstay fine in UAE?

For checking overstay fine on residence or visit visa, you need to go to the official ICA website, and you need the following details to fill there:
• Date of birth.
• A copy of residence visa or a file number.
1-Click on smart and go to the public services tab on homepage.
2-You will see smart pay fine page, so click on it and click on start service button.
3-On the next page, fill the above stated information.
4-Now, with these details, fill serial and sequence number with your department number.

So, if your details are accurate, you will see the fine on the next page. This will be 100AED for the very first fined day. That’s how easily you can easily check overstaying fine online. UAE Visa Fine, How to check overstay fine in UAE.