Latest Zong New SIM offer for its users

Latest Zong New SIM offer for its users

Do you want to enjoy free call minutes and internet access? and Would you like to get 1000MBs internet data for both WhatsApp and Facebook?

You want all that and still have not got your Zong SIM registered, here is a great opportunity for all Zong users to amuse your days and nights also if you like to πŸ˜‰ getting all the above described options. Latest Zong New SIM offer.

But Dear User you will be needed to do one small thing after activating your SIM or any old user can also avail this great chance. Just have to dial *10# and you have subscribed the latest Zong offer and will get all this:

β€’ 4000MB data internet
β€’ In this data 1000MBs data is for Facebook lovers.

β€’ Don’t worry we also know now WhatsApp is more trending so 1000MBs data is to avail all features of WhatsApp!
β€’ To remove distance to your relatives and dear ones, do chit-chat with your beloved ones and enjoy 1000 On Net Minutes for 7 whole days.

So, what are you guys waiting for just press 4 numbers and its time for non-stop enjoyment!!

Basic Terms Needed to Follow:

If you are interested in getting this offer, following are the basics you must note. Cause if you want to truly enjoy something, you should be following the RULES. Latest Zong New SIM offer.

Eligible Customers:

Only those who are prepaid Zong SIM users are those who can benefit this offer, but don’t be sad just go and register your Zong SIM and avail it!


Everyone can get this offer active from 1st November,2017. So, anyone has not Zong with him can get it until then.

οƒΌ Not include in Offer:

Please do notice all users that MBB and Internet is not part of this offer.

Dialing Code:

Anyone want to subscribe to this new offer have to dial *10# and it will be active over your number.
What you are getting in this offer is 4000MBs data Internet and it includes:
β€’ 1000MBs for Facebook and
β€’ 1000Mbs for WhatsApp and
β€’ other than this you will be getting 1000 On Net Minutes for free calls up to 7 Days!

Choice you get:

In this offer you are provided with full freedom and you can unsubscribe it anytime anywhere you want.

Registered SIM:

SIM is very crucial to everyone and it have to be registered via Biometric Verification-PTA. So for achieving this opportunity this is basic step that you must be positive to.

Authority to Complain:

If you are receiving any unreasonable message then it can be reported to 9000 directly just you need to write the number you want to complain and send it to 9000 -PTA.

Usage Timing:

The thing you all interested in this offer must notice is that it is not valid for the time between 7:00PM – 11:59PM. So be well aware of it.

Note this as well:

The SIM you would be using should be under CMPak property and it will always remain under them.