Mahzooz Draw, Participation, How to Play, Everything You need to know about

Mahzooz Draw, Participation, How to Play, Things to know

You always had been doing charity, but what if someone tells you that there’s icing on the cake, you can also get a chance to enter a lucky draw. You might be thinking how’s that possible? Yes, with Mahzooz draw it is possible now. What is Mahzooz and how can you get into a lucky draw worth millions of dirhams by just helping needy persons? Read further to get answers of all your questions regarding Mahzooz Draw.

Mahzooz Draw, Participation, How to Play, Everything You need to know about



What is Mahzooz (emirates loto)?

Mahzooz is a platform that offers you winning lottery prizes on weekly basis by offering its participants the to pick winning numbers. Mahzooz was also known as Mahzooz Emirates Loto which ensures not only life-changing opportunities for its participants but also helps the needy people out there.

After the description of Mahzooz, there must be many questions popping out in your mind. Get all your answers from bellow.

How can I participate in Mahzooz Draw?

  • Login to your account, if you have no account then sign in
  • Select buy now after clicking on ‘’play’’
  • Select the number of items that you want to add to the cart.

Each bottle is AED 35.

  • Now, this is the time of your luck as you will be presented with several numbers and you have to choose the ones of your choice. That numbers will then decide whether you win or not.
  • Enter the specific numbers that you choose. It can be multiple.
  • Then pay for the product you bought via credit, debit card, or credit balance.
  • after payment, they will send a confirmation SMS or email your way.
  • Now you just have to keep yourself updated through Mahzooz’s official websites weekly.
  • If you will win, they will notify you.

How to pay?

  • Log in or sign up to add your credentials.
  • You can access your account and add a credit balance.
  • Enter the specific amount
  • Choose how you want to pay
  • After confirmation of payment, you will be notified via SMS or email.
  • You can play Mahzooz draw weekly with payment but this amount is non-refundable once paid.

What are the possibilities of my win?

Your luck depends on the probability of matching the numbers. Here is the prize depending on the matching of numbers. Many people are winning it with luck each week, so you can try as there are chances you could be a Mahzooz winner depending on your luck.



Raffle draw








5 out of 5 












4 out of 5






3 out of 5


Guaranteed winners

AED 100,000



AED 10 million


AED 1 million


AED 350


The highest price is awarded to the participant with 5 matches.

How to withdraw my prize?

This is a good gesture to prepare yourself for the situation of winning the lucky draw prize. Here are the steps that how you can withdraw your winning.

  • Login into your account
  • My account>balance summary>transfer/withdraw.
  • You can now have access to transfer your winning to buy credit balance and also you can withdraw your winning. Both actions are non-refundable.
  • Enter the details
  • You will be notified by SMS or Email.
  • After 60 days, the withdrawal option will expire and the credit balance will transfer to your account.
  • transacting amounts of more than 300 AED are free of cost. But less than 300 AED will charge you 10 AED for transactions.


Limitations of Mahzooz

  • You must be 18+ for registering your account.
  • The law of your land must allow participation.
  • You must not belong to Mahzooz previously.
  • You must not belong to the government or insurance authorities.
  • You must be the one participating, it is not valid for third-party reference on your behalf like relatives, third-party consultants, or contractors.
  • Make sure that you belong to a country that is not banned.


Which organizations will ensure my charity

  • Senses
  • Stop&help
  • Al Jalila foundation
  • Friends of cancer patients
  • Emirates red crescent
  • Pink caravan
  • Manzil

What products can I donate

You can donate only water bottles to the charity for the time being with Mahzooz.

How to access the Mahzooz app

You can download the Mahzooz app from any play store, or app store, give your credential to sign up and start using it.

Can the participants be outside of UAE?

Yes, you can participate in Mahzooz draw from anywhere in the world. But the first winning will be transacted to a UAE bank account only.

Deadline for participation

Every week, the participation offer is valid till 8:30 pm on Saturday.

Whereas You can contact Mahzooz customer service on this number if you are within UAE, +971800-5825 and if you are outside UAE you can contact on this line +971-4-588-0100

 So Mahzooz draw is the perfect example of earning with serving. And in case, if you won’t win, the thing that will satisfy you the most is that you don’t go waste as it will help your needs.

You can also participate in Dubai Duty-Free Raffle and big ticket.  If your luck favors you this is a great opportunity to become a millionaire overnight. If you need to know more details about Mahzooz lottery draw, just comment below we will try to reply back as soon as possible.