Zong International Call Packages

Zong International call packages

International calls are relatively expensive and they are not convenient. So Zong is here for its valuable customers. This network providing company is offering zong international call packages in very reasonable prices.

In this article I will discuss about different zong international call packages for different countries. The countries which you can call using international zong packages are

Zong International Rabta ticket offer

Zong international Rabta ticket offer is a special offer that is provided to make international in the countries which are listed below

  1. Iran
  2. Afghanistan
  3. Saudi Arab
  4. UAE
  5. Sri lanka
  6. Iraq
  7. Bangladesh
  8. Bahrain
  9. Yemen
  10. Oman
  11. Kuwait
  12. Qatar

Package description

Zong rabta ticket offer is applicable to make call in all the countries which are mentioned above. But there is difference in the prices and it varies from country to country.

Name of package Code of activation Code of deactivation Daily charges
Zong Rabta ticket offer *747# 7474 Rs 2.22 each day


Call rates of Package

International call zong package rates are mentioned in the table below

Name of country Package charges
United Arab emirates PKR 2.49 per 15 second
Saudi Arabia PKR 2.22 per 15 second
Iran PKR 2.49 per 15 second
Afghanistan PKR 2.22 per 15 second
Qatar PKR 2.22 per 15 second
Iraq PKR 2.49 per 15 second
Kuwait PKR 2.22 per 15 second
Bahrain PKR 2.22 per 15 second
Iraq PKR 2.49 per 14 second
Bangladesh PKR 2.22 per 15 second
Oman PKR 2.22 per 15 second
Sri Lanka PKR 2.22 per 15 second


*there is activation fee of each day which is Rs2.22 per day

Method of subscription of zong International call package

Code of international call zong package is *747#.This is the activation code of zong rabta ticket offer. And 7474 is the dial code to un-subscribe this offer.

Time duration

The offer of zong rabta ticket is valid until the user un-subscribe the offer by dialing the un subscription code.

Terms of services

Zong international call packages have few terms which are

  • All international call buckets are for both zong postpaid and prepaid customer
  • There are no other extra charges for international packages