Uzma Khan assault Inside story

Reality behind Uzma khan assault and Huma khan and their links

Uzmi and Huma Khan are two orphaned sisters. Their profession is acting. Last night a video went viral in which it can be seen that some people have attacked the house of these two sisters. Their house has been vandalized. And a woman has been sprayed with oil, perhaps to burn her alive or just to scare her. Real story of Actress fight with Malik riaz daughter

In the video, the abuser not only physically abuses the two sisters but also intimidates them, threatening to pick them up through the police. The woman is Malik Riaz’s daughter and she suspects Uzma that she is having an affair with her husband Usman.

Watching the video, it is clear that Malik Riaz’s girl not only came to threat the two sisters but also planned to make their video viral, so a regular conscious effort has been made in the video not to see the faces of the perpetrators.

There is no doubt that every influential person in our country and powerful people carry out kidnappings and targeted killings.
God is witness that every third Pakistani among us is well aware that they also carry out kidnapping for ransom with great skill.

But in a state where government-raised thugs have guns, fear pervades every street. Is this the case? Which is being spread on social media!! Here is our fact finder analyst found out it for you. Need to know more about the case in depth.

The Other Side of story

Huma khan relation with Usman are not hidden, and the accusers blames the girl having drinks parties with her husband. Occupying the house and not clearing it even after five intimations. How a wife can accept that the same girl living in their house and having relationships and parties with a girlfriend. Listen what she had to say about it. And that is the other part of story which isnt being shared on social media about uzma khan assault.