Ufone Daily Internet Package

Ufone Daily Internet Package

About Ufone

Ufone is one of the Pakistan’s provider of cellular service and daily internet package.  Although it was the third one to enter the market of telecom in Pakistan. First and foremost it initiated its operations in the country in the year 2001 on January 29th in Islamabad. Ufone has also become a part of Etisalat in the year 2006. Moreover, people travelling to UAE are automatically diverted to Etisalat network.

Therefore, that’s a big relief for the users of Ufone. Now they need not to be worried  for buying a new sim on arrival. Now, Additionally Ufone provides this facility for free. However, this text will focus on Ufone daily internet package.

Internet Quality

Although, it has 23 million customers base and unfortunately possess the least share of 14% of the market as compared to the other four cellular network companies. However, serving its customers’ data needs has been its priority. Most importantly, the internet  quality depends upon the area and the vicinity of the customers. Although Ufone’s internet struggles to provide its users a buffering free net experience.

Ufone Daily Internet

Ufone comes with the interesting daily internet offers. In addition to its packages offer non-stop internet facility on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Furthermore, the only thing a customer needs to do is just dial *3# from an android handset and select the desired internet bundles at the exciting and unbelievable rates.

Although Ufone has a huge variety of internet packages like Ufone Daily Internet Package, weekly and monthly packages. Apart from this it provides 3G internet facility. It has still not turned itself into a 4G network. Above all this fact is astonishing for many because Ufone is chased by a huge base of customers.

Ufone Daily Internet  Details

Ufone has a variety of daily internet packages to offer. Likewise in its Daily Light Bucket package it allows its customers to enjoy seemingly 40 Mb’s internet data. Moreover, this huge data can be availed at just Rs.10 excluding tax. However, this package has the duration of a day.

Next in line, we have Daily Heavy Bucket Offer under the name of Ufone Daily Internet Package. Also it facilitates the customers to experience 75 Mb’s of internet volume at just Rs.15 excluding tax. Furthermore, Its duration is for a day and can be easily subscribed by dialing *2258#.

Ufone Daily Internet Offers
Bundle Name Cost Mb’s Duration Subscription Code
Daily Light Bundle Pkr 12 40 Mb 24 hr *2256#
Daily Heavy Bundle Pkr 18 75 Mb 24 hr *2258#
Mega Internet Bundle Pkr 15 2 Gb 1:00 am – 8:00 am *550#
Special Daily Bundle Pkr 6 50 Mb 24 hr *810#


Subsequently, we have another bundle with the name of Mega Internet Bundle in the list. It can be subscribed at a low rate of Pkr 15. Moreover, the subscribers can enjoy 2 Gb mobile data from morning 1 o’clock till 8’o clock.  You can subscribe by dialing *550# from you cell phones.

Last but not the least on the table listing, we have Special Daily Bundle. The code *810# needs to be dialed and get yourself subscribed at the rate of Rs 6. It gives access to 50 Mb’s of internet for twenty four hours.

Ufone Daily Internet Package Unsubscribe

The following are the listed unsubscription codes for different Ufone Daily Internet Packages.

  • Daily Light Bucket package:  Just dial *2257#. Moreover, for subscription, you just need to dial *2256# and get yourself subscribed.
  • Daily Heavy Bucket Offer: For unsubscription, you can just dial *2259#
  • Mega Internet Bundle: Simply dial *5501# and get unsubscribed
  • Special Daily Bundle:   You just need to  type UNSUB and send it to 7810 to get unregistered.
Ufone Daily Internet Buckets

A fair usage policy that includes 500 Mb’s every day is valid for all social perks such as the Daily Light, The Special Daily and The Daily Heavy internet bucket.

Ufone Uth Package

As said in the beginning, Ufone has always offered an incredible variety to its customer base. Ufone offers another daily internet package under the name of Uth Package. The name of the package is Daily Lethal Surfer bundle. You can register at the price of just Rs.10. You can now enjoy data upto 50 Mb.Just dial *6850# to activate this package.

Ufone Uth Package Details

The Ufone Uth Package have two types of subscription procedures. One is a manual process and the another is an automatic one. Besides this, Ufone Daily Internet Package under Ufone Uth Package automatically gets activated after it gets expired. So in other words the manual bundles do not get automatically activated on their expiry.

Subscription Details

To avail Ufone Uth Packasge’s Daily Lethal Surfer you must subscribe to Uth package first. Just type “Sub” and send it to 6850 and in – return you will get a sms that will ask you to reply 1 or 2.

Even though if you want to go for a manual subscription just reply with the number “2” and for an automatic subscription, you need to reply with the number “1”

Ufone Uth Package Unsubscription

Although it follows a simple procedure. Just dial *6851# to unsubscribe.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How can I trace my ufone internet package?

Just dial *3# from your handset that has an enabled internet. You can then choose your desired internet bundles. For instance you want to check the remaining data on you phone, just dial the code *706#

  1. How can I get Ufone Internet Settings?
  • Just go to settings in your mobile phone
  • Hop on to Wireless Networks straight away
  • Then select Mobile Networks
  • Click on Access Point Names
  • You can press the “Menu” button and select “New APN”
  • Now use the following settings on your cell phone:
  • Name: U Internet
  • APN : ufone.internet
  • The other fields can be left blank and click on save to proceed with the settings.