How to Create Your Website

How to Create Your Website

Making a new website is not as easy you think, but if you follow the step by step guideline. Handling and creating a website could be an issue, especially if you are starting for the first time. That’s why I am here to help you for this. After discussing several approaches to begin your very own blog, here we have discussed the method to build a website with the detailed information for those who are lacking any kind of technological skills and interested in making a good start in website. How to Create Your Website.

How to Create Your Website

Step by step process

In order to start of thing with a WordPress blog it requires multiple thing which I have discussed below. How to Create Your Website.


First of all you need to buy a domain and for that you need to search a relevant name of your blog which is suitable. In other words it should be familiar with your blog, for instance if you are looking for a Job site and relevant name could Job aboard or jobsite. You have to search your domain first because it also takes too much time to find a suitable domain, How to Create Your Website.

After finishing with domain name selection, you would require domain registration to any hosting company. Where your domain would be set for storage online and would be accessible on World Wide Web.

Setup running

Selection of the suitable blog site is a secret to a perfect and profitable blog website. This is an error often made by many of the beginner bloggers. Fortunately, if you stick on the following key points, you would not commit the same error.

Most users choose to use, also known as self-hosted WordPress. This is because it is free to access of hosting ensuring that the website can be created and configured according to the requirements. The most important factor is that it helps to raise money without applying any kind of restrictions on your website. How to Create Your Website.

WordPress is free because it helps you build the configuration which is later on hosted by you. This primarily ensures that you need a domain name and a web hosting. A domain name is something defining your Web Blogs such as or Where your domain is hosted is known as a process of Web hosting.

A domain name which you select and buy with approximately costs $15 to 20$, although hosting costs up to $8 for a month, as it always depends on your needs. The number of bloggers who begin their blogging careers seems to be very high now a days. Fortunately, Blue host/Godadday has come to their rescue. Blue host is a recommended WordPress hosting service provider providing the customers with free domain names and a significant discount of 60 percent on web hosting.

How to Create Your Website

Bluehost without any contradictions is one of the best providers when it comes to website hosting. Besides this, they have been working collaboratively with WordPress just to support the blogging community and serve our society. So if you wish your blog to be a successful one you need to follow this tutorial quite carefully.

Domain & Hosting

After learning about the basic requirement the 2nd thing is to learn about the Blue host. After purchasing a domain we will see how Blue host work for your domain.
First of all open Blue host in a new window and click on the green button appearing as get started now.

Subsequently, a new screen will appear displaying plan options with options for Basic and most popular. From this select option according to your scenario which you want.

Then, you would be asked to enter a domain name “which you have chosen already” for the website. Following the important point enter the domain and proceed to click the next button.

At last add information related to your account to complete the entire process by finalizing the package, entering, name, address, contact and other information. For those which are just starting first time, it would be better to choose three years. The screen appearing will also offer some other premium options which you can purchase additionally. But it is recommended that purchasing them at the moment would not be the best decision because they are not necessary for the functioning of your blog at the moment.

WordPress Installation

When you have finished with the initial setup, you will get an e-mail with information regarding how you could log into your c-panel. After login in to your Cpanel. This panel helps you to handle addresses, disc capacity, and some other options. Most importantly in this section WordPress is created and installed on your domain. In the first position, the c-panel seems to be quite confusing window because it is full of tiny icons having multiple functions. You just need to ignore them and switch to the site by clicking on the WordPress button (For installation).

How to Create Your Website

When select WordPress Button for installation, WordPress, Blue host Market Place Screen will appear. Here you should select the start button and the next screen will prompt you to pick the domain name of your domain. After choosing the appropriate name select the Launch button.

You’ll be prompted to pick your domain name next computer. Choose your domain name from the drop-down field and press next to proceed further.

Enter your domain name, your username, and your website address. Check all the checkboxes and press update in the same window.

The fast Installation process takes over WordPress development meanwhile this the marketplace invites you to explore WordPress themes. Skip the subject marketplace so that can be handled later. Upon completion of the WordPress update, a notification appears in the pinnacle bar. Click on the full installation page. This brings you to the URL of your WordPress profile.

Click the Installation link appearing which will redirect you to your WordPress login URL and password. Now enter your password and email. Yahoo!!!! This is an achievement you are on the dashboard for WordPress now because you have created your WordPress site.

This is how your WordPress authentication URL will appear: http:/
To connect to your dashboard, click on the WordPress Login hyperlink.
Now you can personalize your website and start blogging on it.

Theme Selection for WordPress

Selecting your theme is just like choosing clothes for yourself to wear. The dress you choose to wear depicts your personality and make you look nice. Similarly, nice themes render websites look good. Your visual look on your blog is handled via the theme you choose for it. When you log in to your website first, it will look like this:

The window which is appearing is neither desirable nor appealing to any of the visitors on your blog. So to become a center of attention you need to customize the blog and make it look worthy by considering it as an essential aspect of the process to build a website. Many pre-made WordPress themes are available to the users free of charge but besides this, we also have premium subjects that can be acquired after the payment of the prescribed fee.

To change your WordPress theme you need to click on Appearances which will lead to Themes from your dashboard.
After this select Advance and click on Add New Button.

Now you will find thousands of free WordPress themes on the same window. They can also be sorted out categorically varying between New, most famous, featured, and several others. (E.g. technology, school, business, research, news, technology, freelancing.

It is suggested to choose a quick theme that is always easy to use and navigate on the internet helping users with the best possible experience online. To keep it simple what you need is the theme architecture, typography, colors, and other basic elements.

When you see any of the themes which appear desirable, you just need to hover over your cursor and you’ll see the install option appearing. Select it and wait for the installation to be complete. After that, an enable button will override the installation icon. Click on it the theme will be applied to your website and give it the best possible appearance of your choice.

Creating First Blog Post

After following all the basic steps now your website is ready for your very first blog post. For this, you need to Tap on the Articles panel » Add new panel in the WordPress dashboard to compose the first message. There would be an author region identical to the one below. This is the place where you will be publishing your very first article. How to Create Your Website.

If you’ve completed publishing the first blog, you can put it online by pressing the publish tab appearing on the screen.
For making some changes you can see options like groups, marks, page settings, and the featured picture which are available on the editing screen. We use them to arrange your articles on your blog. The minor difference lying between blog posts and pages is misunderstood by newcomers sometimes. If you are still confused you must follow this full tutorial for information on the same topic. How to Create Your Website.

We comes to an end about how to build a website. Now are you building a website to collect some money? If so, how can you do this? Fortunately, there is no need to worry you are on the correct forum. All you need to do just becomes a part of our conversation on building a website and monetizing your blog and need to follow the instruction for the same.