Why UAE Banned Digital Quran Teaching Platforms

Why UAE banned Digital Quran teaching platforms,  unlicensed digital platforms teaching holy Quran

Learning Holy book is essential for each person in Muslim society. People frequently go to religious education institutions for the sake of thorough learning. Read below why UAE government taken decision to ban online learning of the book through digital platforms.

UAE Fully Funded Scholarships to international students – MBZUAI University Why UAE Banned Digital Quran Teaching Platforms
Why UAE banned digital Quran teaching platforms

With the passage of time people are getting more convenience by getting education theough digital platforms.

Drom 2020 onwards there is an incraese in digital platforms offering holy book learning worldwide. But this trend stated in United Arab Emirates as well.

With the more marketing and various platforms people offering learning at low cost at home online. This is reading of being convince and easy management at desired time slot.

Why UAE banned online Quran learning

There was a statement issued by the Islamic Affairs body which highlighted the potential risks associated with online teaching of the holy book through unqualified educators.

Which means many people offering online teaching courses or education mught not be qualified to do so. Hence they may be providing insufficient education of the holy book.

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It is stated by The Islamic Affairs body  and highlited the important to ensure the accuracy  of holy book teaching. It is also important to appropriateness of religious education to protect the younger generation as well.

People offering as individuals to learn Quran theough various religious online platforms are not qualified with no religious background or education. If they are not qualified enough to teach the holy book. Then how they can pass their insufficient knowldge to others. Why UAE Banned Digital Quran Teaching Platforms

The decision was taken for the sake of saving people from getting standard education. Decision was taken by Authority after analyzing multiple activities online offer holly book learning from home on digital platforms. Orignal article published in Khaleej times newspaper on June, 4, 2024.