Zong two hour call package Daily

Zong two hour call package

Zong is one of the leading telecom companies running in Pakistan. Its variety of call packages have made communication much easier, cheaper and economical. The company renders services that helps in maintaining long distance relations. Zong two hour call package. It approximately caters to 34billion customers and their communication needs. Moreover, it has various call packages to fulfill customer needs. Zong call package

Zong Hourly and Call Packages Prepaid

Package Cost On network minutes Other benefits Duration Codes to access packages
The Super Student Bundle Rs. 5 exclusive of tax No limit 30 mb 120 minutes *5555#
Daily Shaandar Offer Rs. 8 exclusive of tax No limit 500 sms plus 50 mb 24hours *999#
Daily Unlimited Offer Rs 12 exlusive of tax No limit 1 mb Same day midnight *522#


The Super Student Bundle or Zong two hour call package can be activated by just dialing the code *5555# on your phones. It’s quite cheaper and economical for students to have a free flow of communication in just Rs.5 plus tax for two hours and here comes another perk in such cheap rates. It also offers 30 B internet. So students can exchange information either or phone or via internet for two hours without disruption on one of the leading telecom companies. Zong two hour daily call package.

Zong Telecom

This has always been in forefront like it comes to fulfilling the customer’s needs. Its voice quality is exceptional and you can access its network in far off hilly areas as well.  You don’t even have to worry for unsubscribing the bundle. It automatically expires after two hours. But this offer is not available between peak hours of 6pm – 10pm. Zong 2 hour call package code.

Zong is one of the leading telecom companies that provides quality services to maximize user’s contentment.  Furthermore, it has rightly targeted the calling needs as students nowadays are quite busy with their assignments and other stuff. They can’t afford to waste time on messages as it requires them to have a little patience. Zong two hour daily call package. Eventhough such bundles have a couple of benefits grouped together at cheaper rates optimizing user’s satisfaction level.

The daily call package is another strategy by Zong to win student’s heart and become their favorite , as it names the bundle as Student Bundle. Moreover, directly targets the youth of our country. Zong 2Hour Call package.