Urdu is national Language of Pakistan. Just like every other language Urdu also have some typing rules on Computers and same could be applied on other devices.


Some key rules of urdu typing are as follows:-
You can write Urdu where ever you want just by pressing the right “Ctrl+Shift” and it will turn your writing direction “right to left”.

Choose a proper font like Jameel Noori Nastaleeq.You can always choose font of your choice but this Nastaleeq font is common and elegant so it is often recommended.

Using “Space” in Urdu is almost similar to English. Just like English, we need to give “Space” between words and end sentence with “Khatma” (“Khatma” is Urdu full-stop). There should be no space between last word and Khatma. After “Khatma” you need to give space before starting a sentence in the same paragraph. We can use “Coma” in similar way. How to write urdu on computer.

Always write “Chooti Yey” whenever you need to write “Yey” in middle of word. Same is the case for using “Noon” in the middle of word, so always use “Noon” instead of “Noon Gunna”.

Instead of writing Alif” and “Madd” separately, use “Shift+a” to write “ Alif Madd” in accordance with Urdu Phonetic Keyboard.

Changing the Words

While writing Urdu, the letter “Hamzaa” is frequently used. It makes different shapes in the above, below, beginning and end of word while writing Urdu on Computer. There is a different key for every form of “Hamzaa”. According to Urdu Phonetic Keyboard, press “u” to type “Hamzaa” in middle of any word and press “Shift+u” to type it at the end of any word.

For letter “Waoo” with “Hamzaa” you can use a single key just like “Alif Madd” and that is “Shift+w”.

You can try map of Map of Urdu Phonetic Keyboard for any further help. This will help you to write in a way you want to write.