Ufone Whatsapp Packages

Ufone Whatsapp Packages

Whatsapp is an application which is widely used around the whole world for sending messages and making audio and video calls with family and friends. Different Telecommunication network providing companies are offering many whatsapp packages. Ufone whatsapp packages are best to use because of affordable prices of the packages.

In this article I will discuss about different ufone whatsapp packages that are categorized into

  • Daily whatsapp bundle
  • Three day whatsapp package
  • Weekly whatsapp package
  • Monthly ufone whatapp package


Ufone Daily whatsapp package

Daily packages can be used only for one day. These one day packages have low prices and the user can select the package according to the need.

I have listed the entire package below with daily  whatsapp  ufone package code and code of status checking.

Name of package Internet MBs Time duration Charges of offer Method of subscription
 Ufone special daily Five hundred whatsapp MBs and fifty internet MBs  1AM to 9PM Rs 6 For subscription dial *3461#
Daily chat offer Five hundred MB for WhatsApp and ten thousand SMS One day Rs 6 To get offer dial*3465#
Daily social package Hundred whatsapp MBs One day Rs 6 Dial *4422#
Ufone daily heavy bundle Five hundred MBs for whatsapp and face book and 75 internet MBs One day Rs 18 For subscription dial *2258#
Daily light offer Five hundred whatsapp MBs and forty Internet MBs One day Rs 12 Dial *2256#


Ufone Three day Whatsapp package

Ufone is offering three day whatsapp packages. I have listed each three day whatsapp package with every detail in the table below

Name of package Internet MBs Time duration Charges of offer Method of activation
Whatsapp 3 day bundle Five hundred facebook and whatsapp MBs and hundred internet MBs Three days Rs 30 Dial *3350#


Ufone weekly Whatsapp package

Weekly whatsapp packages are of prime importance because after subscription of weekly package the user is relaxed for one week. Ufone weekly whatsapp packages are described below

Name of package Internet MBs Time duration Charges of offer code of subscription of ufone weekly whatsapp package
Ufone weekly whatsapp bundle 250 MBs for whatsapp,twitter,line and facebook 14 days Rs 50 *7811#


 monthly whatsapp packages

Ufone is providing best  packages for its customers. Ufone Monthly whatsapp packages are quite expensive but they are very valuable to use. Some of the packages are listed below

Name of package Internet MBs Time duration Charges of offer Method of activation
Whatsapp package monthly Unlimited whatsapp MBs One month Rs 50 Dial *5858#
Monthly light bundle Two thousand whatsapp MBs and 1GB internet MBs One month Rs 390 To get offer dial *7807#
Monthly heavy bundle 2GB whatsapp Internet and 3GB internet One month Rs 780 Dial *803# for activation
Max package 10 GB internet and two thousand whatsapp MBs One month Rs 1560 For activation *5100#
Social package 1000 MBs One month Rs 60 Dial *5858#


Ufone Free whatsapp package

Ufone is offering ufone free whatsapp packages for the new customers of ufone.The free whatsapp is valid for three months.The code for ufone free whatspp bundle is *1000#.After buying new ufone sim dial this code and avail the offer.

Terms of service

  • Ufone whatsapp packages are only for prepaid user
  • You can check the ufone package status by dial the ufone package status code that is*706#
  • All Ufone whatsapp and facebook packages can be used in 2G,3G and 4G network areas