Ufone Sms Packages

Ufone Sms Packages

Although Humans first and foremost need is to be socialized. Undoubtedly Ufone rightly understands this desire and like other telecom companies offers exciting bundles and packages at varied and reasonable rates. Moreover, the customers have handful of choices to select the bucket that suits them the most. At this time, Ufone Sms Packages, Call Packages and Internet Bundles are catering the needs of its customers.

About Ufone

Undoubtedly Ufone is one of the four telecom companies operating in Pakistan.  Moreover, it keeps on introducing different packages to optimize the communication experience of its customers. Although Ufone rightly understands how troublesome it is to send text messages without subscribing to any bucket. Therefore it offers a variety of sms pacakges and packages on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Customer’s Feasability

Importantly Ufone Sms Packages are created keeping in view customer’s feasibility. In addition to this, they can be subscribed at a rate as low Re.1 and so on. Moreover, Ufone Night Sms Bundle costs just Re.1 and allows you to enjoy 300 texts from midnight till 8:00 am. Where as, another offer known as The Power Hour Bucket just cost you Rs.6 and allows you to enjoy free 60 on network minutes, 60 messages .In addition to this you can also enjoy 60 Mb’s internet.

Ufone Sms Package Codes
Ufone Daily SMS Package

The following table includes the details on Ufone Sms Packages – Daily

Bucket Cost SMS Offered Duration Codes
The Ufone Daily Pkr 4.77 1600 24 hrs Text SUB to 605
The Ufone Daily On Net Pkr 2 plus tax 500 24 hrs Text SUB to 611
The Ufone Night Sms Pkr 1 300 24 hrs Text SUB to 609
The Ufone Power Hour Pkr 6 60 Sms 24 hrs Just dial *99#
The Ufone Super Recharge Pkr 45 300 Sms 24hrs Just dial *300#
The Uth Daily Pkr 1.99 plus tax 600 24 hrs Text SUB to 612
 Ufone Weekly SMS Package

The following table includes the details on Ufone Sms Packages – Weekly


Bucket Cost SMS Offered Duration Codes
The Ufone SMS Weekly Bucket Pkr 10 1200 Seven days Text SUB  to 608
The Ufone SMS 15 Days Bucket Pkr 30 10000 Seven Days Text SUB to 603
The Ufone Chappar Phaar Bucket Pkr 80 100 Seven Days Just dial 5050#
The Ufone Super Mini Card Pkr 299 500 Seven Days Recharge Mini Super Card @299


Ufone Monthly SMS Package

The following table includes the details on Ufone Sms Packages – Monthly


Bucket Cost SMS Offered Duration Codes
The Monthly SMS Bucket Pkr 80 20000 Thirty Days Just text SUB to 607
The Ufone Super Card Pkr 520 1000 Thirty Days Recharge Super Card @520
The Ufone Super Card Plus Pkr 599 1200 Thirty Days Recharge Super Card @599


Details of  SMS Packages
  • Firstly these packages do not entertain international messages
  • Secondly, these packages do not cater any premium messages
  • Thirdly, the rates of the packages do not include taxes
  • However, for updates on left over reward just send a blank message at 606.
  • Besdies, the users have the right to get registered to a daily package once in a day.
  • In addition to this, the sms buckets will get automatically renewed after the expiry period.
Unsubscription Codes
  • Likewise, for unsubscription of daily sms package just send UNSUB at 506.
  • For instance, if you have insufficient balance in your account, ufone will automatically unsubscribe you from the bucket.
  • Apart from this, if you want to unsubscribe weekly sms bundle, text UNSUB and sent at 8066
  • Although all the messages sent on short codes are charged as per standard rates.
Details of Daily Sms Package

Moreover Ufone allows its customers to enjoy unlimited connectivity. However, the unbeatable variety helps the customers to choose the bucket of their choice. For instance, the daily sms packages can be subscribed at the rate as low as Re. 1 and so on.

Super Recharge Bucket

Furthermore, its  Super Recharge Bucket allows you to enjoy 300 on network minutes, 10 other network minutes and 100 Mb’s of data as well at just the rate of Pkr 45. In other words, such offers help the customers to enjoy the exclusive variety on daily basis. In addition to this, the facility of automatic renewal is another add- on perk.

Details of Weekly Sms Package

Apart from this, the daily packages that the company offers weekly packages that validates for seven days. M,oreover, they can be subscribed with the amount as low as Rs. 10 and so on. However, the weekly package also includes Ufone Mini Super Card.

Asli Chappar Phar Offer

Although it comes with other perks like 500 on network minutes and 300 Mb’s of Zong internet together with SMS facility. Apart from this is the Asli Chappar Phar offer that offers 100 on network minute s and 1000 Mb’s of internet with 100 text messages at just Pkr 80.

Details of Monthly Sms Package

Although the exciting offer of Ufone Super Card provides you 1000 messages with 1000 Mb’s data, 1000 on network minutes and even 150 other network minutes. Above all this can be enjoyed at just Rs. 520.

Ufone Super Card Plus

At this time, Ufone offers the extension version of Super Card under the name of Super Card Plus. Although it offers 1200 SMS, in addition to this, it also provides 1200 Mb’s internet with 1200 on network minutes and 180 other network minutes.

Ufone Sms Package- Post Paid
  • Moreover, Ufone do not forget its post paid customers.
  • Nonetheless, they too can enjoy 10000 messages for thirty days.
  • They can avail this service for the following Post Pay packages only such as U50, U250, U550, U1000, U1600 and U5000.
  • Particularly,the post paid customers can check the remaining reward by just sending an empty message at 8606.
  • However, charges apply
  • In other words taxes are excluded.
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How can I subscribe to Sms Packages on Ufone?
  • For instance, go to Type Mesaage and write Sub
  • Along with it then send the message to the respective short code
  1. How can I unsubscribe Sms Package on Ufone?
  • Above all you can unregister yourself from the package any time. Just type the code UNSUB and send at 506.
  • Last but not the least for weekly unregistration of the messages just type UNSUB and send at 8066.