Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone Internet Packages

Internet has become essential part of our lives and Use of Internet is increasing day by day. Different Networking providing companies amazing Internet packages. I am going to discuss Ufone Internet Packages.

Ufone is providing 3G and 4G internet packages.4G is the 4th generation broadband technology of cellular network. It is faster than 3G. *3# is the code for choosing the desired packages.

Ufone always take care of its customers and introduce amazing Ufone packages and various gifts. Different packages of internet which I will discuss in this article are

  •  daily ufone internet packages
  • Ufone three days internet packages
  •  weekly ufone internet packages
  • Ufone monthly internet packages

Complete details of Ufone internet packages code, Code and validity are described below with the respective category i.e. Daily, weekly and monthly package

Ufone Daily Internet Packages

In the event that you are progressively intrigued to enact the web bundles regularly, Ufone is here for you and has bunches of different ufone daily internet packages. You can ratify them whenever at  any place and value the web information in reasonable rates.

These moderate bundles would not put any weight on your pocket and you can appreciate them with no pressure. In the table below all daily bundles are listed

Name of package Internet  MBs Free on-network minutes Free off-network minutes Time duration Cost of package Free SMS Method of Subscription
Free Facebook of Ufone Limitless      –      – 24 Hours Rs 0      – It depend upon choosing free facebook option
Power Hour Sixty MBs 60 MBs Sixty MBs 24 Hours Rs 6 Sixty SMS for all networks  *99# is the code for the offer
 Ufone Special Daily package 500 MBs on facebook, twitter, line and whatsapp +50MBs       –      – One am to Nine pm Rs 6 excluding all taxes       –  *3461# is the code of special daily offer
Special Daily 3G Bucket Fifty internet  MBs       –      – 24 Hours Rs  6 incl tax        – Dial *3461# to get offer
Ufone Social Daily bucket Hundred MBs       –     – 24 Hours Rs 6        – Dial *4422# to subscriber this package.
Streaming Offer (60 min) Five-Hundred MBs      –      – 24 Hours Rs 10        – *78# is the subscription code
Ufone Daily Chat offer Five-Hundred MBs      –       – 24 Hours Rs 6 incl tax Ten Thousand SMS Dial *3465#  to get the offer
  Daily light 3G Package Forty MBs      –      – 24 Hours Rs 12      – For subscription dial *2256#
Ufone Daily Mega 3G  Bundle Two Thousand Forty Eight MBs      –      – 24 Hours Rs 15      – For Subscription dial *550# and for Un subscription dial *5501#


 Daily Pakistan package
Ten MBs Hundred minutes      – 24 Hours Rs 18      – *888# is code of subscription and for de-activation dial *8880#
Daily heavy 3G bundle Seventy-five MBs      –      – 24 Hours Rs 18 incl tax      – For subscription dial *2258#
Social Monthly Package One GB      –      – 24 Hours Rs 60      –  Dial *5858# to get the offer


Ufone Three Day Internet Packages

Ufone is providing only one internet bucket that can be used for three days. This package is easy to subscribe and is present in reasonable price.

Name of package Internet MBs On-network minutes Off network minutes Free SMS Charges of bundle Time duration Method of subscription
Three day internet package Hundred internet MBs and five hundred MBs for twitter,line,whatsapp and facebook      –      –   – Rs 25 including tax Three days Dial *3350# to get the offer


Ufone Weekly Internet Packages

So as to encourage the clients, Ufone is offering different Internet bundles as indicated by their clients’ necessities. The diverse Ufone web bundles offer choices to clients so they can without much of a stretch remain associated with the online world.

There are many different Ufone Weekly internet packages as discussed in the below table which each deatil

Name of package Internet MBs On network minutes Off network minutes Free SMS Time duration Cost of package Method of subscription
Weekly super internet offer One GB plus 24 MBs      –     –     – Seven days Rs 100 Dial *220# to get the offer
Asli Chappar phar package Thousand MBs Hundred minutes      – Hundred SMS Seven days Rs 120 For subscription dial *5050#
Ufone weekly Pakistan package Hundred MBs Seven hundred min      –       – Seven days Rs 100 including tax Dial *8888# for  activation
Weekly internet plus offer Three GB internet       –      –       – Seven days Rs 175 incl tax *260# is the code of offer subscription
Weekly heavy ufone 3G internet package Five hundred MBs       –       –  Seven days Rs 120 including tax *220# is the code of subscription of bundle
Super internet bucket 1024 MBs        –      –    – Seven days Rs 130 Dial *220# for activation


Ufone Monthly Internet Packages

This amazing network providing company brings a wide scope of web bundles to keep the Ufone clients who love to browse on their cell phones. Ufone is giving exceptionally 3G versatile web bundles Ufone has presented new administrations for its clients and has won their hearts in an extremely limited ability to focus time.

Monthly packages are appropriate to use because once the user subscribe any monthly internet package he/she will be relaxed for one month. Ufone is making life easy by bringing wide range internet packages.

In the table below there are different ufone monthly Internet Packages.


Name of package Internet MBs On network minutes Off network minutes Free SMS Time duration Cost of package Method of subscription
Sim lagao offer Six GB internet Six thousand      – Six thousand Thirty days Rs 0 exclusive tax Dial *5000# after activation of ufone sim
Monthly lite package Thousand MBs      –     –      – Thirty days Rs 390 incl tax Dial *7807# to get the offer
Ufone new sim offer thirty days
     –       –     –      – Thirty days Rs 50 After buying new ufone sim dial *1000#
Monthly 1GB 3G internet package one GB Plus 24 MBs      –    –      – Thirty days Rs 390 incl tax Dial *7807# for offer subscription
Super card 550 each month Twelve hundred MBs Thousand minutes One fifty min Four thousand Thirty days Rs 550 Just load super card worth PKR 550
Monthly Pakistan offer Four hundred MBs Four thousand U to U and PTCL minutes       –       – Thirty days Rs 418 including tax For subscription dial *8888# and for un subscription dial *8880#
Ufone Super card plus Two GB internet Twelve hundred min 180 off minutes 4200 SMS Thirty days Rs 599 incl tax Load super card plus worth PKR 600
Monthly heavy 3GB package
Three GB plus 72 MBs      –      –      – Thirty days Rs 780 including tax Dial *803# for subscription of bundle
Monthly ufone 10GB 3G internet package 10240 internet MBs        –      –      – Thirty days Rs 1560 Dial *5100# for activation of bundle


Other Internet Packages of Ufone

Besides daily, Weekly and Monthly packages ufone also other internet packages for its customers. The other internet packages are described below in the table


Name of packages Internet MBs On network minutes Off net work minutes Free SMS Time duration Cost of package Method of subscription
Super mini card Six hundred Five hundred 75 minutes 3500 SMS Fifteen days Rs 330 Load ufone super mini card
Ufone Super recharge offer Hundred MBs Three hundred Ten min Seven hundred Two days Rs 50 incl tax Dial *300# for subscription
Three day 3G internet package Hundred MBs      –      –       – Three days Rs 30 including tax To get offer dial *3350#


Terms of service

Before subscription of any ufone internet bundle you must know about few terms and conditions which are

  • You can check any ufone offer status by dial *706#
  • All the packages mentioned above are for ufone prepaid users
  • The speed of offer depend on the 2G, 3G and 4G network area
  • There are no hidden charges in ufone internet packages
  • The sim belong to you is your identity-buy only biometric verified sim
  • Whatsapp voice calling will be charged by default rate and volume utilized on voice calling won’t be deducted from the offer volume.
  • User can subscribe only one internet offer at a time.
  • Once
  • the offer volume is finished charges will applied on each MB consumed