Telenor internet setting

Telenor Setting

On the off chance that you are new Talkshawk client or you have changed your mobile phone, the operating system will naturally perceive the brand and the model of your mobile phone and will send you the essential Telenor Internet settings relying upon the telephone’s highlights.

Talkshawk is one of the best network providing company in Pakistan that is offering mobile internet services over a 2G, 3G and 4G bandwidths.

Once you have received the setting you must have to save that setting. In this article I will discuss about all the information of the setting for your mobile phone.This setting is very much important for your handset.

If you will not set these MMS,GPRS and WAP settings your mobile phone will not work properly.The setting is slightly different on every mobile phone because all mobile phones model are not similar to each other.

  1.  MMS setting of telenor
  2. Telenor GPRS setting
  3. WAP setting


 Automatic setting

To activate MMS setting first you have to send SMS “mms” to code 131.

For internet setting send SMS “internet” to 131

For WAP setting send SMS “wap” to 131

After sending SMS to 131 you will receive SMS in response. Just save it.

 Manual setting

There is also a manual method for MMS and GPRS

GPRS Configuration

Telenor internet setting activation is as under

Access Point Name: internet
Login: Telenor (Case Sensitive)
secret code: Telenor (Case Sensitive)
confirmation: standard

WAP configuration

Access Point Node: wap
name for login: Telenor (Case Sensitive)
secret code: Telenor (Case Sensitive)
IP for WAP gateway is
Port  if needed is 9201
Port if needed for handsets of HTTP is 8080

MMS configuration

Access Point Node is mms
Login ID: Telenor (Case Sensitive)
secret code: Telenor (Case Sensitive)
WAP Gateway IP is
Port  if needed: 9201
Port  if needed for HTTP handsets: 8080
Messaging Server: http://mmstelenor

Charges of  MMS and GPRS setting

PKR 15 each MB Excluding all Taxes
PKR 5 each MMS
MMS Receiving is free of cost