Telenor device Packages

Telenor device Packages – 4G device Packages

Telenor is multinational telecommunication company that is one of the largest telecommunicating organizations with operations around the whole world. It is offering best services to its customer like call packages, SMS packages and 4G device packages. Telenor Device Packages.

 Telenor 4G device

4G wingle is a Wi-Fi empowered 4G device operated by this network organization. The gadget doesn’t have a worked in battery and requires a force source to work. The device will run for a few hours on an ordinary limit power bank. You can associate it to your computer or laptop, USB or a divider charger. On the off chance that you are an explorer, at that point you can likewise associate it to a force bank and appreciate web availability in a hurry. You can likewise plug it into a vehicle charger. Its 4G Devices likewise has the 4G/3G/2G fallback choices which guarantees that you remain associated with the web constantly paying little mind to which region you are in.

Price of  4G device in Pakistan

4G Wingle cost in Pakistan is 2000 PKR. Here you can read about cost, specialty, bundles, and subtleties on more web offers. Telenor device Price in Pakistan.

Monthly 3G/4G device packages

In the contemporary world, everybody is between associated for the most part because of the web and online networking. There are numerous organizations who are giving internet providers telenor 4G device packages. Organization isn’t falling behind right now is giving portable web information just as web gadgets with various bundles and plans.

With  MiFi or Dongle, the clients can find a workable pace GBs of 3G or 4G web for a month. The cost of the bundle is Rs.1500/month. With its gadgets, the clients can likewise change the web plans if according to the necessities. The client can profit this bundle with its devices of  MiFi or  Dongles. Another bundle is the ‘ 4G Monthly Smart Package‘ through which you can get 86 GBs of web for a month in just Rs 2200.

This largest Network organization additionally offers some different ideas for the clients who are utilizing its web gadgets, for example, ‘ 4G Value Monthly Package’ and ‘ 4G Monthly Unlimited’. The two bundles furnish 15GBs and 27 GBs with the value plan of Rs 3800 and Rs 6000 separately.

To put it plainly, it offers various savvy information plans for your web gadgets and with its super-quick web, you won’t lament your decision of staying with this company.

Name of package Free MBs Validity Charges of the package
4G monthly unlimited package, Mifi and dongle both 275,000 Thirty days Rs 6000
4G monthly smart package for device 85000 30 days Rs 2200
4G value monthly package for device only 150,000 Thirty days Rs 3800
4G monthly lite package for MiFi and dongle both 36000 Thirty days Rs 1500


With regards to web devices, this network company hasn’t lingered behind a small piece, giving intense rivalry to other large names like Zong, Jazz and so on. Its gadgets accompany a plenty of web information plans at moderate rates, regardless of what your needs are, you are going to locate an ideal information plan for you.

This organization has set up a monstrous notoriety with regards to web, call and SMS benefits in Pakistan on account of the organizations proceeded with endeavors to be the best specialist co-op in the nation. In such manner, it ensures it takes into account the necessities of a wide range of clients; regardless of whether you love to content, call your companions or a fanatic of the online world, it has a tweaked bundle to suit every one of your needs.

Other 3G and 4G device packages offered by telenor

Name of package Free MBs Offer duration Price


 4G bundle for three months for device only 108000 Three months Rs 4000


Company web devices clients, for example, Mifi or Dongle clients are offered extraordinary bundles structured explicitly for them to furnish them effortlessly of ease of use and humble costs. The values go is from 1500 to 6000 rupees. The gadgets with which these bundles will work are 4G Hotspot Wingle and 4G Hotspot Mobile Wi-Fi, the previous works with the association as a USB gadget while another can work without being stopped. All the bundles are legitimate for a month.

Notwithstanding the customary month to month information plans for web gadgets, it gives a 3-months web information bundle at an entirely sensible rate, assuaging you of your stresses to recharge your bundle each month. There’s no preferable inclination over being at the focal point of your preferred system’s administrations.There are four Telenor 4G device packages for clients to browse they are listed below

4G Value Monthly Package for Device Only

Clients of this vast organization can have a great time with this beneficial web pack of 100 GB information with only 3800 rupees.

4G Monthly Unlimited Package (MiFi and Dongle)

4G Monthly unlimited package offers 180 GB for 6000 rupees for the whole month.

Monthly Lite Package for MiFi and Dongle both

With 25 GB web information offer this light bundle sports a humble idea for light weight web clients.

4G Monthly Smart Package for Device Only

55GB of web information could be accessible to clients for just 2200 rupees.

The alternative for falling back to 3G and 2G is likewise accessible with the web gadgets. Expenses will be added to every single accessible offer and terms and conditions likewise apply.