LinkedIn new feature for freelancer 

LinkedIn introduced new feature for freelancer

With this new feature will help freelancer and small business owners to expand their reach. Here freelancers, small businesses would be sharing new links/services to their custom profiles on liked in with the skills they have. LinkedIn New feature for freelancer

This new feature would be discoverable by the businessmen to reach out to the service provider. And they can further filter their queries to reach out specifically to the desired service provider.

With this filter they would be able to reach provider and can check the suitable and with most skilled and experienced one. This gave them option to select/find suitable service provider and bringing community closer to each other. Now they can search on LinkedIn in rather than going to any other platform when they need any service.

LinkedIn new feature for freelancer 

How to add new LinkedIn freelancer feature in your profile

You can access your profile by login in from desktop or from app. A box would appear under profile photo and that would be highlighted to show the service which you are providing. Then you can click on that box to add your service by filling the form. You should be very specific about the service which will help client to follow and contact.

This feature was launched in Dubai a business hub for around the globe investor. Freelancer from India and Pakistan and other countries are very keen about this launch. As freelancing market is growing in these countries day by day. Most of the Pakistani youth are turning towards freelancing with the less opportunities in the market.

Many of them are getting success with kind of awareness and willingness to do something. Pakistan was never been on the list before 2010, but now ranked as 4th freelancing country in the world. This feature will certainly help freelancers to get more client and way to expand their reach from LinkedIn new freelancing feature.