How to save your kidneys, Kidneys  prevention tips

How to save your kidneys, Kidneys  prevention tips

Kidney diseases are becoming very common nowadays. More and more people are suffering from this disease. There are many common habits which effects your kidneys. Kidneys  prevention tips.

Avoiding them can save your kidneys and you may stay healthy for longer duration. I write down the reasons. It is your job to abstain.Kidneys  prevention tips.

How to save your kidneys, Kidneys  prevention tips

1. Antibiotics. Excessive use of painkillers. When you use medicine mist of tje time for other diseases and also use painkillers, its effects your kidneys. Ao try to minimize its usage and use it when its utmost required.

2 . Lust to increase male timing. use of harmful drugs, Viagra etc..if you have to do standby, do four parts of a pill..or two parts, ten to fifteen Once a day. do not use these medicines like gram.
Trying to increase natural timing.
In prescriptions. Use of fifty types of medicines.

3. Cold Drink Standby — When you reach home in extreme heat, stand by every cold water. Watching scary movies, Getting angry for no reason. Waking up late at night and not getting up for morning prayers.

4.Try to minimize your drinks at night,  when you drink more at night it has deep impact on your kidneys. Doctors suggest not to do that.

The habit of drinking water repeatedly at night also puts a strain on the kidneys.
Please be thankful for the power that Allah has given. And control the lust. There are many other things in the world besides this work.