Jazz Internet Packages

Jazz Internet Packages 3G and 4G Daily, Weekly and Monthy

Moblink Jazz is providing commendable services to its valuable customers with high accuracy and efficiency. This company is introducing best  internet packages that may be on one day, three days, one week or one month basis. There is no such thing as moblink internet packages that say lutaf andooz. It is one of the largest network company in the country with around 55 million user around the whole Pakistan.Keeping in view about the daily demands of people jazz is introducing amazing internet packages day by day and making advancement in its offer to fulfill the needs of its customers. Jazz Internet packages may be  daily internet package,  weekly package and  monthly package.In this article I have discussed complete information about jazz internet packages -2020.

Jazz Internet offers

It has provided four different categories of internet packages so that the user can avail any one of them according to the requirement. The four categories are

  1. Jazz daily internet package
  2. Three day internet offer
  3. Weekly internet package
  4. Monthly internet offers

Daily internet bundles

Appreciate Jazz net bundles beginning as low as Rs 5 to greatest web information of twelve thousand MBs .There is a Package for people who are overwhelming clients and like to watch a great deal of videos on YouTube, play PUBG and are online through web-based networking media for twenty-four hours then the twelve thousand MBs information is the best alternative for you to use. Here is a complete list of jazz daily internet packages  in the table below.

Name of package Cost Package details Time duration Method of activation
Internet hourly extreme Rs.20.32 including tax Two thousand internet MBs Next two hours For subscription dial*846#
Jazz daily browser Rs.11.95 Fifty free MBs 1 day Dial *117*11#
Peak-of-peak offer Rs.24 including tax 1100 free MBs for time between 2 am to 2pm and hundred MBs for 24 hours 24 hours To get offer dial*117*4#
Social package PKR 7 Five hundred internet MBs for facebook and whatsapp only One day Dial *114*5#
Whatsapp plus SMS bundle
Rs7.2 Ten free MBs for whatsapp plus 1800 free SMS One day For activation dial*334#
Social recursive offer Rs.5.98 including tax Two hundred MBs for whatsapp and facebook only One day Dial *455#


Three days internet packages

If you want to get offer that can be available for three days jazz is here for you. It is providing Jazz three days internet packages in very reasonable prices. Read the table below to know about these internet packages. Jazz three days internet packages.


Name of package Cost Description Time duration Method of activation
Three day extreme Rs.18 Five hundred internet MBs Three days valid only between 2AM to 2PM For subscription dial *114*14#
Three days browser offer Rs.25 including tax Hundred MBs Three days For activation dial *117*1#


Weekly internet packages

 Jazz is providing very much interesting internet bundles and because of these amazing offers one can feel the digital life at one’s fingertips. The mesmerizing week by week internet packages will cause you to hold in the highest regard your Jazz sim significantly more. The energizing 4G SIM offer is  bringing four hundred Jazz/Warid minutes, four thousand free SMS and four GB internet for an entire week; to get  profited by this offer just dial *443*30# (the offer is legitimate for Jazz 4G clients as it were). Suppose if you are not a Jazz 4G SIM client, pick up the pace and get one from your closest Jazz franchise.

Acess to jazz weekly packages

To appreciate the quick Jazz web offers and you can utilize ‘Jazz Weekly Browser’ offer in just Rs.50 which is offering three hundred MBs for seven days. For offer subscription dial *117*3# and to check the package status dial *117*3*2#. This company is all about ‘Dunya ko Bta Do’. It is one of the most best versatile system with regards to 3G and 4G network providing company and one of good thing about Jazz is that it furnishes you with the quick speed of web and offers the best web bundles.

With another ‘Week by week Extreme Offer’, Jazz clients would now be able to use the twenty-hundred MBs  in low cost for seven days; to be a piece of Jazz Extreme Offer family, dial 117*14#. Other Jazz web bundles are ‘Jazz Haftawar Offer‘, ‘Jazz Weekly Streamer Offer’ and ‘Jazz Haftawar All Rounder bundle which are only for Selected Cities.In the below table I have discussed in detail about different jazz weekly internet packages.
Name of package Off network minutes On network minutes Free SMS Internet MBs cost Time duration Subscription method
Weekly premium 3G/4G offer         –         –     – Three thousand Rs 147 One week  dial *117*47#
Selected city haftawar offer       –        –     – Two thousand Rs 120 Seven days          –
Weekly hybrid offer        – 1500 free minutes 1500 SMS Fifteen hundred Rs99 Seven days Dial *989#
4G jazz sim offer        – 400 minutes 4000 SMS 4000 MBs Rs 0 One week Dial *443*30#
Weekly SMS package         –       – 1500 SMS Twenty-five MB Rs 15 One week For activation dial *101*1*07#
whatsapp weekly package        –        – Fifteen hundred SMS 25 MBs Rs 18 Seven days For subscription dial *101*1*07#
Weekly browser offer        –       –      – Three hundred MBs Rs 50 Seven days Dial *117*3#
Weekly social        –        –       – Five thousand MBs Rs70 One week For activation dial  *660#
Weekly extreme package        –       –        – 2500 internet MBs Rs71.7 including tax One week Dial   *117*14#
Haftawar all rounder package selected cities Fifty min Seven hundred  min Seven hundred 250 MBs Rs 84 incl tax Seven days For activation dial *747#
Haftawar package       – Thousand Minutes 1000 SMS Hundred MBs Rs 85 Seven days Dial *407#
Free music offer       –        –       – 350 MBs Rs 90 One week For subscription dial  *502*2*1#
Weekly all net package Fifty minutes Thousand free minutes 1000 internet MBs Thousand SMS Rs 160 7 days Dial *117*7#
Weekly streamer offer       –       –       – Thousand MBs Rs 95 One week For activation dial *117*7#
Super duper package Fifty minutes 1500 minutes 3000 SMS Three thousand MBs Rs 199 Seven days Dial *770#

Monthly Internet Packages

Jazz has declared the dispatch of 3G and LTE administrations for Warid and Jazz clients. Clients would now be able to appreciate month to month web packs of Jazz in low costs and rapid access. Jazz is known for its internet providers all around Pakistan, serving the necessities of a great many Pakistanis all through the nation.

Jazz offers unfathomable month to month internet providers to its clients. Whenever you reactivate your Jazz SIM, there’s a obscured astonishment for you. Upon SIM reactivation, you can appreciate fifteen hundred MBs alongside fifty Jazz/Warid On-Net minutes and 1500 SMS. You should simply dial *551# to profit this energizing offer (this offer is material for controlled time). Jazz Monthly Internet Package.

Daily social bundle

The daily bundle is offered by jazz Moblink Pakistan. Jazz daily social bundle is a special type of 3G or 4G packages that allow using Whatsapp and Facebook with data limit of five hundred internet MBs each day.

Package Description

Jazz daily social bundle is only for Facebook and Whatsapp with 500 MBs.Also thirty internet MBs are also given in this package for the use of other application.

Method of subscription of bundle

This offer can be subscribed by dialing *114*5#.For checking the package status there is another special code for this, just dial *114*5*2#.You will get the details about the remaining Internet MBs.

Cost of package

This jazz daily social bundle cost five rupee with including all taxes.

Time duration

This bundle is valid only for one day.

Terms and conditions

  • Jazz daily social bundle can be activated and used in both 2G and 3G networks. The bundle will run according to the speed of 2G or 3G.
  • Excess of PKR 0.30 per MB is applied for all 3G bundles
  • Jazz also provides status checking codes by which user can easily check the bundle status
  • Once the bundles is expired it will not automatically reactivated rather the user have to subscribed it again.
  • If you are not using any package you will be charged according to the base rate which is Rs.2.39 on each MB.


Daily social recursive

Jazz is providing amazing packages to its customers. It is offering one of most used bundle which is jazz daily social recursive bundle. Keep in touch to know about fantastic bundles of jazz with each and every detail. This package is only for the use of Whatsapp and facebook.No other internet MBs are provided by jazz daily social recursive package.

Package description

Jazz daily social recursive bundle provides you two hundred free MBs for the use of Whatsapp and Facebook.

Method of subscription

You can avail this jazz daily social recursive by dialing *445#.

Cost of package

This bundle cost Rs.5 including all taxes.

Time duration

The bundle is valid for only twenty-four hours. If you have sufficient balance the package will re-activate and if you don’t have as much balance as the package demands the package will not be activated.

Terms and conditions

  • Once the MBs of bundle are used and on further usage PKR 1 is charged on the use of each MB.
  • This bundle can be used for 2G, 3G and 4G network
  • The speed of internet depends on the sim,device and the area where it is being used
  • To get information about the remaining MBs of package you have to dial bundle status code on account of PKR 0.06


Peak off Peak Bundle

Jazz peak off peak is a data package which is providing super 4G internet to its customers. The package is commendable for usage because of its very low cost. It is best to use in late night hours because there is no limitation of time in this data bundle. The package is not only for whatsapp and facebook rather it is the whole internet bundle.

Package description

Jazz peak off peak package provides you hundred internet MBs for whole day and extra 1100 Internet MBs between 2am to 2pm.

Method of subscription

For subscription of this jazz data package dial *117*4#.For checking the package status dial *117*4*2#.

Cost of bundle

This package cost PKR 24 including all taxes.

Time duration

Jazz peak off peak bundle is valid for twenty-four hours.

Terms and conditions

  • The package can be used in 2G,3G and 4G network
  • Over use after the bundle expired PKR 0.30 will be charged on each use of MB
  • This package is not automatically re-subscribed again. The user has to dial the activation code again to get the bundle.
  • The bundle status can be checked by dialing the status code and on checking PKR 0.60 is charged on each checking.
  • The peak off peak bundle is only for jazz prepaid customers

super ganta offer

Mobilink Jazz super ganta package is for those users want to keep in touch with their family and friend and stay updated for one hour. It always take care of its customers and provides best of best offers. You can easily make calls and talk unlimited in very low cost.

Package description

Jazz super Ganta package provides unlimited data for one hour.

Method of subscription

The bundle can be activated by dialing *638#.

Cost of package

The package cost PKR 6 including all taxes

Time duration

The package is valid only for one hour and if you subscribe this bundle between 6 PM to 10 PM you will be charged PKR 12 and all taxes for this jazz super ganta offer.

Terms and conditions

  • This package is the use on unlimited data for one hour but the speed of data is reduced to 2mbps for the use of internet data.
  • This bundle is non-recursive and the client should dial the string *638# to buy in the offer once more.
  • Internet speed also depends on various factors like device by which data is using and the location where data is being used.
  • Jazz super ganta package is valid for only jazz prepaid customers.
  • If you have not using jazz sim buy it now to get amazing packages.

Daily browser package

Jazz is offering high speed of internet during browsing. This network providing company is providing various browser packages. The customer can avail these browser packages according to the requirement. Read the below description to get details about jazz daily browser package.

Package description

Jazz daily browser package is best for those who browse more. This package provides fifty MBs of internet data volume.

Method of subscription

You can get this amazing offer by dialing *117*11#.

Cost of package

This package cost PKR 10 including all taxes.

Time duration

Jazz daily browser package is valid for only twenty-four hours.

Terms and conditions

  • The cost of jazz daily browser package is included with all taxes
  • The package status can be checked without any tax by dialing the status code
  • The package will not automatically re-subscribe again once it is finished. The user has to dial the code of activation again to get the offer more than once
  • After the use of MBs over usage of MB will be charged PKR 1 on each internet MB
  • The package can be used for all 2G, 3G and 4G networks.
  • The organization maintains all authority to change the idea whenever.
Monthly Web Offer
Jazz brings a stunning month to month web offer in just Rs.100 called the ‘Jazz Internet Monthly Extreme Offer’ utilizing which the clients would now be able to appreciate five GB of information for a month. In ‘Jazz Monthly Browser Package’, the clients can get astounding internet providers at a reasonable rate; get 2 GB information for an entire month and to benefit this offer dial *117*77#. There are other month to month web bundles too in which ‘Jazz Monthly Mega Offer’ and ‘Month to month 3Gnand4G Lite Packages’ are the most much of the time utilized ones.


Name of package MBs On net minutes Off net minutes SMS Time duration cost code for subscription of jazz package
Monthly internet heavy for device 150000      –       –    – One month Rs 2500 Dial *117*74#
Internet regular for  device 600000       –        –    – One month Rs 1500 For subscription dial *117*73#
Super 4G welcome back bundle 50000      –        –     – Thirty days Rs 1000 To get offer dial  *117*70#
Monthly internet basic offer for device 15000      –        –     – Thirty days Rs 999 For subscription dial *117*71#
Super duper plus bundle 10000 Five thousand Three hundred Five thousand SMS Thirty days Rs 997 Dial *707#
Monthly supreme package 20000        –       –       – One month Rs 885 For subscription dial *117*32#
Monthly mega plus bundle 12000 One month Rs 600 Dial  *117*30#
Super card monthly 2000 Two thousand One fifty Two thousand One month Rs 600 To get offer dial *601#
MBB loyalty package 5 GB      –        –       – Thirty days Rs 0 Dial  *117*8*2#
Bundle plus offer 3 GB       –        –         – Thirty days Rs 0 To get offer dial *367*2#
Sim lagao offer 1500 Three thousand       – 1500 SMS One month Rs 0.06 Dial  *551#
Unlimited monthly SMS package 5000        –       – 12000 SMS One month Rs 70 Dial *101*1*02#
Unlimited monthly whatsapp package 5000        –        – 12000 SMS One month Rs 70 To get offer dial*101*1*02#
Monthly browser package 4000       –       –      – Thirty days Rs 215 Dial *117*77#
3G/4G package lite 3GB       –        –        –       –     – To get offer  *117*31#
Supreme hybrid package 100 1000 100 1000 SMS Thirty days Rs 299 Dial *3500#


Terms and conditions

  • All jazz internet packages are only for jazz user either prepaid or post paid users
  • Packages are not for other sim network users
  • Get your jazz sim today to avail amazing offers
  • Buy only biometric verified sim


Weekly YouTube Package

YouTube is one of the most used internet website by vast number of people these days because of its mesmerizing entertainment abilities. Different Network providing companies are offering amazing YouTube packages for their valuable customers. In this article I will discuss about Jazz weekly YouTube package. Read the article to get complete information about the package.

Weekly YouTube package details

After the development of 3G and 4G network providing companies in Pakistan, the distinction of internet based applications are expanded in all around the whole nation. In any case, YouTube is likewise among the applications that are a lot of famous among them.

Jazz is giving an incredible bundle with respect to YouTube use. Jazz Weekly YouTube Offer is simply impeccable as Jazz and Warid supporters can just peruse YouTube for issue free video conversational help. Now have a look to this jazz weekly YouTube package to enjoy unlimited videos, movies and so many different things.

Package Details

This package offers 5GB of YouTube data to stream as much as you can.

Cost of Jazz weekly YouTube Package

The package cost Rs.80 including all taxes.

Method of Subscription

To get Jazz weekly YouTube package just dial *570#.For checking the status of package dial *570*2#.

Time duration of Jazz weekly Youtube offer

This package is valid for seven days and whole week you can enjoy your favorite stuff on YouTube.

Terms and Conditions
  • You will get five GB of data which might be usable for YouTube only
  • This Bundle will be automatically terminated following 7 days of usage
  • Bundle recharging won’t be programmed again. The Client need to buy in it again by dialing the code *570#.
  • Jazz weekly YouTube offer will be accessible for Jazz prepaid clients only.
  • After devouring the whole 5GB data Rs. 2 per MB PKR will be charged for YouTube.
  • Video quality will relies upon Internet speed accessible in your general vicinity.
  • The package is only for those who are using Jazz sim.
  • Use authorized sim-Pakistan telecommunication authority