How to Read WhatsApp Deleted Messages

How to Read WhatsApp Deleted Messages

Is it just me who feels intrigued when someone sends you a message on WhatsApp and then deletes it immediately, or are you guys burning with curiosity. If yes, then no need to worry. There’s a way for you to read such messages and find the reason for deletion. How to read deleted whatsapp Messages. How to Read WhatsApp Deleted Messages.

How to Read WhatsApp Deleted

Method for Android Users

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1. Search for Notisave in your google play store app and download it in your android device. Some highlighted features of this App are:

  • It will autosave notifications shown on Noti-bar
  • Search notifications from all apps at once
  • Autosave new messages, images from messengers and WhatsApp status
  • Read messages while showing offline status
  • You can read messages without leaving a “Read-Mark” on messenger
  • Also Works finely with other messengers on your phone

To achieve the satisfaction of reading deleted messages, you can use Notisave with its simple, user-friendly interface.


2. By using the WhatsApp backup feature, set a daily backup option. Your chat will back up at 2 AM every day. Hence, you can easily access your deleted conversations on the previous day. How to Read WhatsApp Deleted Messages

Or you can uninstall and then reinstall WhatsApp, and when pops-up restore option, click it to read all chats restored on your device.

3. Open your WhatsApp and tap the three dots on the right upper corner and then click

  • Then go to Chats in settings
  • Tap on Chat backup, and you can restore it to Google-Drive
  • You can backup your chat to any other suitable location other than Google-Drive

Method for iOS Users

For iOS holders, there’s a fantastic app named Deleted Message Recovery APP. Just download it from Play Store, and you can now enjoy its amazing features;

  • So open the App and give it necessary permissions (you can always change them in app settings)
  • Allow this App to work in the background
  • It will automatically save your history log, and that’s it, you can now see what your friend deleted

Caution: This App will not work if your phone is off or turn its back ground services off.


Messages can only be deleted  when you are online, it means if you receive a message and then immediately turned your internet connection off, your messages will remain there and cannot be deleted until you are online again. Whatsapp Tricks.

Thus, same is the case when you send messages, you can delete them on your side but these messages will only be deleted on others phone when he/she turn his/her internet on. How to Read WhatsApp Deleted Messages

Long Story Short

It may not be easy for you to hide messages once sent, because there are many ways to get those messages back and read them. Be observant what you want to send actually, so you won’t regret it afterwards. How to Read Whatsapp Deleted Messages.



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