Annual leave-UAE labor laws for employees

Annual leave-UAE labor laws for employees

Talking about the UAE labor law, as we have discussed in previous articles, the UAE law has entitled an annual leave to all employees or domestic workers after six months of service. Now here is how the leave entitlement for the employees: UAE labor laws for employees.

Annual leave-UAE labor laws for employees

Leave entitlement according to UAE labor law

Now, the employees will get a full year of paid leave if they have:

1-Completed one year of service of 30 days of work.

2-2 days each month if they are serving for six months.

3-If they have not taken leave for one year of paid holidays and the service has ended, they will get leave for a fraction of the last year’s service.

4-Now part-time employees get annual leave according to their working hours. This is mentioned in the employee UAE law following the Executive regulations of the labor law that you can find in Arabic only as it is available in that language.

Of course, this further comes with rules for getting these paid leaves.  So, here are the rules now:

Rules applied on annual leave

1-The employees should use these holidays within the year of entitlement.

2-The employer should remind the employee about the leave at least once a month.

3-The will start once the employer and the employee agree if there should be no workload or loss.

4-If the employee has to work during those holidays, they will receive payment according to their salary.

5-If the employee is terminated and hasn’t used the paid leaves, they will receive this amount as calculated.

6-Now, if the employee has gotten annual leave and fallen sick or got government holidays(any holidays), they will be counted in the annual leave.

So, that’s what the UAE government has entitled the holidays for the domestic or official workers from 2021 to 2022 and onwards. UAE Annual leaves and labor laws.