Samsung Galaxy A72 Launch update 2021

Samsung Galaxy A72 Launch update

Samsung Galaxy A72 Launch update

Samsung Samsung Galaxy A72 is a Mobile phone model with 64 MB Camera and with Operating system Andoroid 11. There are rumors about A72 it has 6.70-inch touchscreen display which is quite amazing.  The Samsung Samsung Galaxy A72 also suppoting propt charging within no time. Samsung Galaxy A72 Update. Samsung galaxy Mobile update.

Samsung Galaxy A72 Launch update

If we look at the camera of this phone, it has 64 megapixel camera as with speculation around the globe.  It has 165 * 77 * 8mm measurement.

Whereas Galaxy A72 having connectivity option with Wi-Fi, USB type -c and GPS. Samsung Galaxy A72 Launch update.

Samsung Galaxy A72 Specifications

·   Brand ·    Samsung
·  Brand Model ·     Galaxy A72
·   Dimensions (in mm) ·  165.00 x 77.00 x 8.10
· Fast charging ·    Priority



·    Screen size ·    6.70 ( inche)
·    Touchscreen ·    Yes



·  Processor make ·   Qualcomm Snapdragon



·   camera ·    64 megapixel



·  Operating system ( OS) ·   Android 11



·    Wi-Fi ·   Yes
·  GPS ·     Yes
·   Bluetooth ·     Yes
·     USB Type-C ·     Yes


Samsung Galaxy A72 Price

The Samsung Galaxy A72 4G & 5G are likely to be released together but availability of both may differ.  Speculations are that Samsung may  release the model in the first quarter. Whereas its  price is similar to the Galaxy A71 when launched, or about $400.

About Samsung:

Samsung is one of the largest and leading brand in the world. Its origanlly a South Korean company which was founded in 1938. Whereas as company came to electronic industry in the year 1969 and it produced its first electronic product which was bloack and white television. That was just the start and it keep growing its demand of TV with the passage of time.


Due to this demand company went with expansion in the year 1980 and opened branches for tohe electronic models. This was just a start of growth for Samsung in 80s and it kepts growing with a rapid speed with each passing year.


In 1990 company become the largest market with securing place in top five electronic market. Here company started grping in LCD and expanded quite smoothly.

Samsung started launching mobile phone in 2000s and got success. As the brand was already established with quality products, Mobile phones brought same success as well. Currently Samsung is the one of the leading manufacture of smart phones, electronic products in the world and in 2021 is ready to launch Samsung Galaxy A72.