Warehouse assistant, office assistant Jobs in Dubai

Warehouse assistant, office assistant Jobs in Dubai

Duties and Responsibilities.

Company is performing various activities as sweeping, mopping, dusting and polishing. You would be ensuring all rooms are cared for and inspected as per standards as designed. Warehouse assistant, office assistant jobs Dubai.

Will protect equipment and will also be making sure there are no shortages. You will also inform to supervisors if there is any damages, deficits, and disturbances in the area. ·Also reasonable for complaints/requests being polite and excellent handling.

Will also work on Preparing and completing daily orders for delivery, and noting the pickup according to daily schedule.

You need to receive and further work on warehouse stock products while performing inventory controls measures and keeping interact quality standards high for audits.

Will also maintain hygienic and safe working environment and maximizing the space utilization.

You would also be reporting all discrepancies if any while Communicating and cooperating with supervisors subordinates.


To apply call or Send your CV on email: hr.sidbenz@gmail.com, 054-3537346