Who can apply for work Visa, Canada Visa information Guide

Canada Visa information Guide

Who can apply for work visa, Canada Visa information Guide

Canada is situated in Northern America and it consist of huge of 3.85 million square miles and it is world largest country by area. It more populated cities are Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary. Canada economy continues to grow making more opportunities for the businesses and industries.

Whereas it’s major economy contributors is Agriculture, Energy Technology, services and manufacturing industries. Recently Canadian parliament announced that they required more than a million migrant for permanent residency (report). Canada is the only country which welcomes people across the globe in form of immigrants, working and study programs. You can be part of those millions of people which Canada required in the form of skilled workforce. You can apply for Canada work visa with the terms mentioned in visa policy. Canada Visa information.

There are various types of Canada work visa available for you to apply. Canada government launches new express entry system for skilled overseas workers which required permanent residency. Whereas objective of the express entry system is to help the applicant with speeding up application process of skilled workers to meet Canadian businesses. Below we have discussed in details regarding Canada work visa programs, types and application process. Canada Visa information Guide.

Federal skilled workers visa for Canada:

In order to fulfill labor shortage in Canadian business, government of Canada focusing on getting skilled workforce from overseas. The reason being that most of Canadian serving on the job are likely to retire and with the growing economy demands for skilled worker going up with each year. Skilled worker program is based on point system based on various factors as stated below.

English Language skills
Job offer qualification

You should have at least 67 points from total of hundred divided on above mentioned criteria. To be eligible for Canada work visa you should have one year continues work in the same field you applied for. From below profession you can apply according to your skill under skilled worker visa for Canada. Canada Visa information.

Architect Professor and Lecturer.
Translator and interpreters. Software.Engineer.


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Construction Manager Security agents.

School Teachers School Administrator, Principle.
Restaurant manager Purchasing managers.
Psychologist Physical Astronomers.
Pharmacist Petroleum Engineers.
Therapist Mechanical Engineers.
Health care manager Land surveyor.
HR Manager Family physician.
Financial Analyst Elementary teacher
Electrical engineer Electronic Engineer
Dentist Database analyst.
Data administrator Construction manager.
Computer programmer College vocational instructor.
Civil Engineer Chemist.
Chemical Engineers Banking manager.
Speech pathologist Accountant.

Federal skilled Trades visa Program (FSTP).

This Worker visa program started by Canadian government five years ago and in this program you are apply for the permanent residence visa. This program is for skilled workforce which includes, crane operators, aircraft mechanics, carpenters, electricians, iron workers, plumbers and welders. There is high demand of sated skills in Canada and many jobs being offered under this program in industries like construction, agriculture, production processing and manufacturing. Canada Visa information Guide.

In this work visa plan your family is also entitled for the permanent residency with free healthcare and government educational programs. Another benefit of skilled worker visa is that after living four years you can also apply for Canadian citizenship with certain conditions. Canada Visa information Guide.

Who can apply for this Canada Work Visa?

You can apply for this program if you have two years of work experience. Should have been in service in for last five years. Skill must be available in FSTPL program. Must be eligible for Canadian work visa. Find below trades for which you can apply under deferral skill trades visa in Canada.

Water well driller Tile setters.
Telecommunication line Cable worker, Supervisor, electronics manufacturing.
Pipe fitters, Sheet metal workers,
Refrigeration and air conditioning mechanic. Railways Carmen/women.
Pulping, coating control operators, Power system electricians,
Plumbers Petroleum, Gas, Mechanical Process operators,
Painters and decorators Oil and Gas well drillers.
Machine fitters, Iron workers,
Insulators Electricians,
Glaziers Gas fitters,
Elevator Constructor Crane Operators,
Cooks Concrete finishers
Chefs Process operators
Carpenters Maintenance mechanic Cable TV service
Cabinet makers Butchers
Bricklayers Bakers
Truck/Bus Mechanic Appliances Repairers,
Aircraft Mechanic Aircraft Inspector,
Welders Tool Die maker,
Supervisor rail Trans Operations.

Quebec Skilled Worker Visa Canada

Quebec is the province of Canada attractive for most of the migrant across the globe. The reason being that this province offers special programs for overseas immigrants which is more suitable to them.

There is different process for the Quebec visa with various terms and conditions. With the required skills you can qualify for this Visa specifically designed for foreign workers in Canada. To apply you should have Quebec selection certificate. Quebec is also consider point based selection for selection which includes:-

Education and training, Work experience, Age, Language Skills, Previous links (Quebec), Financial position, Adaptability, Spouse/Partner Characteristics Children under 22. After getting the selection certificate from provincial government final decision and permanent Canada residence visa will be given by central government. With process stated above you can apply for Canada work visa. Canada Visa information Guide.