Astronaut first crime from space to be Probed

astronaut first crime from space

NASA to Probe a crime from space

According to details during a routine mission at the International Space Station, a woman astronaut, Anne McClain, tried to  access her ex-husband’s bank account from the Internet.  Although Ann has admitted it that she had done it , she is convinced that they have committed no wrongdoing or crime. But now they have returned to earth after the mission.

Her ex husband made a written complaint against the incident whereas astronauts also replied the complaint as soon reaching earth from space. She claimed that she wanted to know about the financials matters of the family that is why she accessed the details.

Question remain unanswered! Although its not clear  whether ground rules can be applied to space or not? Experts from the United States, Canada, Japan, Russia and other countries are currently working on the construction of the International Space Station. In this context, if a legal framework is developed, it can also be applied to people and stations in space and if anyone of them breaching it may liable for it.